State Fire/Rescue Training
 Area 1

We are here to provide the training needs of all Firefighters and Industrial Responders in our Area.

Mission of Fire/Rescue Training:
The mission of the Fire/Rescue Training Program is to plan, direct and administer a quality, comprehensive and uniformly delivered training program through the most efficient use of available resources to assist in meeting the training needs of fire/rescue and other emergency service personnel so that lives and property may be saved more safely and effectively.  Also, to provide health and safety training programs for industries, institutions, government agencies and other such entities to assist in meeting their training needs mandated by federal, state and local laws such as OSHA 29 CFR 1910-120, SARA Title III, etc.
Program Objectives:
To accomplish this mission, the objectives of the Fire/Rescue Training Program are:
•     Provide technical assistance to regulating agencies.
•     Improve technical knowledge and skills of individuals employed in emergency service capacities.
•     Improve the efficiency of emergency services to prevent and/or reduce loss of life, property and environment by providing quality training in the use of proper methods and techniques.
•     Develop staff and personnel in specific areas requested by participating agencies.
•     Schedule and deliver training programs to requesting agencies.
•     Provide for efficient use of limited funds and resources through the development of  knowledge and understanding of the needs to emergency service units.
•     Provide specific programs to meet the certification requirements of fire/rescue workers.
•     Provide customized programs to meet individually identified training needs of agencies.
•     Respond to and assist departments at incidents that require technical expertise.

Fire/Rescue Training classes are delivered throughout the state through fourteen full-time Fire/Rescue Training Coordinators utilizing a cadre of part-time instructors.  Classes are held in Fire Departments, on KCTCS campuses, Public Service Training Centers, industrial sites and other available locations.  Programs vary in length from two hours to 100+ hours; encompassing both cognitive and skills training and can be custom designed to fit the needs of the requesting agency.